DAKARIN® is a natural plant extract based product, providing micronutrients for the acceleration of naturally occurring indigenous micro-organisms, within an optimally engineered bioreactor system. In any natural, biological treatment process, the contaminants, such as sewage, oils, hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, for example, are broken down from larger (toxic) organic chains to smaller harmless compounds. DAKARIN® is able to accelerate this process by providing an optimal, natural nutritional regime for maximising the efficiency of the indigenous, contaminant degrading microorganisms.

Biological treatment has typically been undertaken in the industry through application of primary nutrient based chemical fertilisers to provide a source of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. These nutrients represent basic cellular building blocks for the microorganisms. However, the degradation of organic contaminants is dependent on more than primary nutrients and a basic microorganism population. The organisms need to function at a high metabolic rate and secrete the necessary enzymes, coenzymes and cofactors in order to hydrolyse the complex organic chains and polyaromatics in the contaminants. Therefore, additional nutrients are required, which are typically referred to as secondary micronutrients, which include minerals and trace elements that serve as building blocks for enzyme secretions that hydrolyse the organic contaminants. DAKARIN® nutrients provide an abundant supply of natural, plant-extract base secondary micronutrients that are in a completely bioavailable sate for microbial uptake .

In addition to secondary micronutrients, DAKARIN® also provides tertiary micronutrients that supply vitamins and plant-based bio-chemicals, which serve as growth factors that ensure adherence to the exponential growth phase for a microorganism population base. This robust growth rate ensures that there is an abundant supply of active microorganisms in the soil and water, which enables rapid decomposition of the organic contaminants. The presence of a robust microorganism population also provides a certain degree of protection against toxicity, thus enhancing sustainability of the biological treatment process.

It must be noted that the high bioavailability provided in DAKARIN® micronutrients ensures immediate uptake of the essential elements by the microorganisms. The DAKARIN® production process (powders and solutions) ensures that these nutrients are extracted from plants and maintained in a state that organisms can immediately access and metabolise. Chemical based mineral solutions do not provide the required bioavailability and hence, process performance.

The net impact of DAKARIN® includes rapid degradation of the organic contaminants in an odour-free environment; delivering high quality treated water that is compliant with most major international regulatory standards. UtilEco’s bioreactors incorporate the advantages of DAKARIN® in their process design in order to yield robust treatment systems that can handle flow surges and toxic shock conditions.

Being a natural plant extract product, DAKARIN® does not pose any risk to the environment, unlike typical, conventional chemical based treatment methods, where the contaminant is simply transferred from the liquid to the solid phase, yielding toxic sludge that has to be disposed. Production of DAKARIN® is carried out with a well defined process that has received ISO 9001 certification.